So they are, happily walking by the main avenues of great cities, looking for the work project to make them proud of themselves, aware of their role in the world and sharing the massive knowledge that emerges from their experience.

Always connected, looking for developing professional and personal skills at the same time. By this time have already assumed that will not fail to learn ever. Knowledge is power and even more in the knowledge era.

Despite what many may think this term does not define a strip of age, but encompasses several generations, while the technology is still a significant gap to the adult population. Let´s know something more about this amazing topic.

When does the term Knowmad appears?

Back in 2011, an American researcher named John Moravec, realized that the technological advances of the last times required a change of mentality in the world of work and education. Understood in addition that this paradigm shift was not final and therefore could not be defined with a closed theory then, founded a space of research in various ideas that fit in constant reflection, the Knowmad Society.

The main theory gave rise to a figure representing those values, a citizen open to changes, without fear of failure, with ease for the continuous learning and that understood work and professional role in a more open and collaborative way that the employee of the twentieth century. This figure was named Knowmad, from the terms Know and Nomad… what we can figure out as nomads of knowledge, or Knowmads.

What is a Knowmad?

Is the buzz word in human resources companies, an interconnected employee who works in a free way and is looking for a professional and economic development based on objectives and projects, regardless of their location, origin, sex or age. It is worth what is known, is required by the knowledge that has at that time.

Depending on the source we are talking about people that fit with one to several of these points.

It remains to be said that this profile is not identified with a segment of the population in particular. It is not something unique to Millennials. Affects all roles in the labor field regardless of industry or range and is not so much a definition as a set of applications in life to become what many experts defined as the worker of future.

How Many Knowmad exist?

It is impossible to know. John Moravec believes that by 2020 45 per cent of the employees will be nomads of knowledge, becoming the biggest segment of labor. For that same year Google estimated that almost 100 per cent of the population will have access to the internet. These two factors point to a majority of this type of labor mass for the 20´s of the twenty-first century.

How does all this affect my life?

Google knows many things, but it can also goes wrong. This concept raises a horizon to 2020 based on the situation and on the tools that we have in 2018. At the speed that moves all, the concept could be obsolete in a few months and go to thicken Wikipedia. This century is plagued with neologisms, as hipster, Millennials and others.

If Google and John Moravec are right, we are moving toward an aging population pyramid, supported financially by a mass of professionals between 20 and 60 years, qualified in technical areas but with the open mind enough to incorporate new knowledge continuously. Already aware that the software and robots are more productive at the operational level for the companies so that knowledge is what makes the difference between their professional performance and others. Broader, more value. An invisible learning based on the observation and exchange of information.

It is expected an increase of work by projects, giving rise to a more flexible contracts as well as the promotion of networking. The perfect team would be composed of different personalities but with unique abilities that, when combined, provide value.

How do I become a Knowmad?

Rather talk about how to integrate this philosophy in your way of life.

The best thing you can do is to define the areas of knowledge your are interested about, focus and begin to investigate continuously. Knowledge will take you to find practical application in the world of work and through the work with other professionals, skill could be developed.

This fact does not have to define or classify your professional purpose in life, simply occupies your present and in the future you will be able to incorporate new skills using the same process. All complement each other. You become so in nomadic knowledge.

It seems simple but…

The nomads of knowledge must learn to accept the possibility of failure, as well as the instability that generates abandon concepts such as fixed salary and indefinite contract. That is precisely why the nomadic nature of the history.

Living, after all.

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